An effective vehicle wrap design starts with a good logo, color choice and goal. I believe that the basics are always the most important, impactful, bold colors and a clear message. Many times brands will try to put everything that they do on the side of a van or truck. This makes it impossible for a potential customer to have a clear idea of what you do. Company name (logo), slogan, phone number, website and social media is usually all that is needed for as text. We will be doing some research, seeing what other people in your field have done correct as well as incorrect. We never copy any other company's artwork but it is always best to see what is out there so that we can be different from other competitors.

PRINT & Production

We only use brand name vinyl (3m or Avery). We do not cut corners using private labels or discounted materials.  By using brand name vinyl and lamination we can stand behind the quality. All of our wraps are covered under the manufactures of the vinyls warranty as well as our own. 


All installation will be done at our facility. Installation time is based on the difficulty of the surface that the vinyl is being applied to as well as the area size that is being covered. For example, a small vehicle with complex curves like a BMW M3 or Ford Mustang can require significantly more time for installation than a large box truck or trailer with large flat surfaces. Again, because we are a trained facility, all of our installations are warrantied. 

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